The Club doesn't function without coaches, officials and helpers.

Parents & Volunteers

Athletes and athletic clubs rely on the help and involvement of parents. Without your support and encouragement there would be fewer opportunities for young athletes. On top of supporting the athletes [emotionally and financially!] many parents also contribute to the club as volunteers.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of grass-roots athletics acting as Coaches, Officials, Team Managers, Committee Members, and many of the other unsung roles such as helping with refreshments, transport, social events, fund raising etc. Without volunteers there would be no athletics!

What Coaches and Officials are needed?

Coaches can specialise in a variety of areas such as Jumps, Throws, Sprints, Middle Distance, Endurance and Young Athletes Development.

Officials can specialise as Starters, Marksmen, Timekeepers, Track Judges and Field Judges.


Come along to an event or Club training on a Monday or Wednesday and have a word with any of the Team Managers or Officials and offer your services. For those of you who wish to get more involved in Coaching or Officiating there are UK Athletics training programs leading to recognised awards. The Club is able to offer financial help for these courses.

You don't have to become "certified"; at any training night or athletics meeting helpers will always be needed, so come along, offer your services and see if you want to take it further.

What do you get out of it?

  • Achieve a recognised Coaching or Officiating award.
  • Satisfaction from helping young athletes enjoy their sport and fulfil their potential.
  • A way of putting something back into the sport when your own competitive days are over.

Crawley AC Coaches

Jim Boyce

Beginners Group 

Kelly Haines assistant David Freeman

Intermediate Group

Kevin Jenner

Junior Sprint Group

Dave Buckett
Dean Packham

'Senior Sprint Group'

Mark Best assistant Vince Golding
Chris McClaren assistant Ian Westwood

Mid Distance/XC Group - advanced
Mid Distance/XC Group - intermediate

Clive Southgate


shot (Mondays)

javelin (Wednesdays)

Richard Neal (Wednesdays only)

long jump

Paul Mckeown (Visiting Coach)


Mondays 6pm - 7pm specialist group (invited athletes only

7pm - 7.30pm introductory group (restricted numbers - please consult Paul if you wish to be included)

Karl Lasis

hammer & discus

Matt Quinn (UKA Level 3 Performance Coach Mid.Dist / Sprints)
Dave Parrott

women 400m (800)

Jack Shelton

mid/long distance

Peter Bennett

long distance, road running & xc

Rick Pilling (Visiting Coach)

pole vault