Crawley AC operate an ongoing reviewing system to ensure coaches have the correct licences & clearance.

All club officials, coaches and helpers at Crawley AC are volunteers giving up their time to help the athletes and build a successful club.

Coach to athletes ratio maintained at a sensible level to ensure a safe training environment.

Crawley AC does not accept “Loco Parentis “ of any child training or competing with us. Loco parentis is defined as: “being responsible for a child while the child’s parents are absent.”

Crawley AC have a duty of care over all athletes being trained by their coaches, however due to our training venues being in public places we are unable to guarantee unauthorised access by members of the general public. Our coaches and helpers are unable to escort children to the toilet, therefore parents must be aware and question their own responsibility.

Crawley AC have signing in & payment policy prior to commencement of training, however it is parents responsibility to ensure your child attends the signing in desk safety. Crawley AC can’t be responsible if you deposit your child outside the front of K2 in the car park & assume they make their own way to the signing in desk.

Crawley AC does not have a signing out policy , whilst this has been reviewed, due to the number of the athletes training & various disciplines offered which have their own finishing times, as well as multiple exit points from K2.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged by Crawley AC to remain on site and be responsible for their child during training sessions.